The Real Madrid coach, to announce his return to the team, wore jeans that did not go unnoticed

Although Zinedine Zidane chose to leave Real Madrid last May, this week the coach decided to head back, deciding to return to direct the team. And yesterday, at the press conference that communicated the news to the whole world, the player literally ignited Twitter, but not for the announcement itself.

Fans and they are not, in fact, been surprised by his look, and in particular by the worn jeans: a very narrow model of blue denim, faded and torn in some points, with a detail that certainly did not go unnoticed, or a huge lapel .

That the pants were too long? Actually not at all, because, looking more closely, we notice that the fabric has not been rolled up, but that it is a very original model of jeans, thus putting aside the ironic assumptions about a loan from a friend of Zizou much taller than him.

And here comes the question: where will he have bought them? Well, further zooming in on the footballer’s outfit, on the front zip we read Dsquared2, one of the most appreciated brands by soccer players – including Karim Benzema – for the possibility of making custom-made jeans with a perfect fit.

And Zidane, who gave a further twist to his career, seems to have done so also in the look, going from a basic clothing to decidedly more risky garments. That his style as a coach will also reflect this mood?