The film tells the designer’s last years of career


Celebration, the documentary dedicated to the last years of Yves Saint Laurent‘s career, shot between 1998 and 2001 by Olivier Meyrou, will finally be unveiled.

The fashion film – initially blocked by Pierre Bergé, a stylist’s parter in both life and business – will air on November 14 in France.

According to rumors, Bergé’s refusal was linked to the suffering image of  Saint Laurent emerging from the film, and his approval reached seven years after his death.

In Celebration stands out the figure of Moujik, the black and white French bulldog of the fashion designer.

“According to legend – but I do not know if it’s true,” says the director at WWD, “not to upset Saint Laurent, when the dog died he was replaced the same night and kept the same name. And this several times. Moujik was eternal “.

Celebration speaks about the everyday life of the Maison Saint Laurent, including special events and fashion shows, and sees protagonists all the characters that revolved around his world, such as Dominique Deroche, Loulou de la Falaise, Betty Catroux and of course Bergé.

“[Saint Laurent] did not talk much, so I immediately gave up the idea of ​​doing interviews,” said Meyrou. “The only way to capture something of him was to film it. His way of moving and behaving was much more eloquent “.