In Paris, the Yves Saint Laurent museum staged a special exhibition on the artistic debts of the great French couturier towards the oriental world


In fact, it is entitled “Asia dreamed of Yves Saint Laurent“, the exhibition, which can be visited until January 27, 2019, which highlights the influence that have had on its creations Japan, India and China .

The exhibition focuses on the clothes of the collections created by the French artist and the objects of art or oriental fabrics that inspired them. As, for example, the research sketch for the launch of the Opium perfume (1977-1978).

The exhibition, which is a beautiful homage to the imagined vision of Asia by Saint Laurent, also tells that when in 1977 the French designer presented 138 models of his collection called “Chinese” in a large Parisian hotel, he had never set foot in China, until then.

And to inspire it were the texts of his library. His own journey, which also led him to review the Japanese kimonos and create ethnic jewelry, also passing from India, thanks to his contemporary interpretation of his dreamed Asia.