The designer has created in collaboration with the sports brand a brand new collection inspired by her lifestyle

Yoon Ambush, jewelry designer and co-founder of the Ambush brand, has embarked on a partnership with Nike. For the Ambush collection, she was inspired by her often hectic lifestyle and her passion for sport.

“When you have such stressful rhythms, you can not afford to wear uncomfortable or not very functional clothes,” said the designer.

And she added: “The new style of life that is taking hold is no longer stiffly articulated. In the past, what you wore in the morning was not suitable for the evening; now, instead, we move in space and time in a more fluid way “.

The capsule born from the partnership includes two jackets, a reversible sports jacket (fleece on one side and nylon ripstop with metal foils on the other), a synthetic fur, Dri-Fit body, crop top and fleece trousers.

Yoon then chose to work for the occasion on the Nike Air Max 180, a model to which it is particularly linked.

Her reinterpretation brings the iconic running shoes into a new dimension, enriching them with elements taken from another Nike classic, the Air Zoom Flight.

«When I examined the Nike archive, I immediately focused on the Air Zoom Flight, nicknamed” the glove “: I really wanted to capture and reproduce that feeling of comfort and perfect fit at the foot,” concluded Ambush.

Yoon has gone from single commissioned work to creating his own line.

The Ambush brand has its roots in experimental jewelery and has taken a step forward in 2016 with the creation of the first ready-to-wear collection, where Yoon and the partner Verbal have developed an atypical aesthetic, inspired by Tokyo, part of the new avant-garde.

Yoon was recently nominated by Kim Jones jewelry designer of the Dior men’s collection