The Japanese-Amerian designer explained the mixture of her two worlds, apparel and jewels


She was presented to the public running on the catwalk at the end of the Dior show in June, hand in hand with Kim Jones.
She made his debut in the men’s division of the LVMH house. She is a new jewelry designer for Dior’s man, named just by Kim Jones.

Although this is a debut, Yoon Ambush, half Japanese and half American, is not new to the fashion system. Last year he was among the eight finalists of the LVMH prize and in 2002 he had founded, together with Verbal, his friend and university partner, the label Ambush.

To which, in 2004, was added the line of jewelry Antonio Murphy & Astro, also worn by the musician and producer Kanye West immediately after the launch. But the distinction between jewels and Yoon clothing does not see it.

“For me they are exactly on the same level,” she explained in this interview. And if you ask her who would like to see her jewels, she replies: “I would like to see them on a Star Wars character, if it were Darth Vader it would be great.”

And here’s how she answered the questions of the press:

You were recently appointed jewelry designer for Dior’s men’s collection with Kim Jones, who instead made her debut at the menswear menswear. How did it feel?
For me it was really an honor to be chosen to become part of the Dior team, which I believe is the best fashion house in the fashion scene. Especially in a historical moment like this, where together with the talent of Kim Jones the fashion house is writing a new chapter in its history. There is nothing more exciting than seeing their ideas and their creations, parade along with the collection designed by Kim for this debut and, above all, to show all this to a wider audience.

You were also co-founder of the Japanese label Ambush. What does he want to convey through his fashion collections?
Ambush is an “idea entity”. An entity represented by the idea. This means that we want to put forward ideas and concepts that can give life to new forms and that open new paths, that are able to go in different directions. This is all we want to convey. Endless possibilities.

Do you feel more like a jewelry designer or a designer?
I call myself rather a designer who combines the most varied and diverse aspects of both the fashion world and jewelry design. In the Ambush universe, jewels and fashion coexist. I place them exactly on the same level.

Does anyone represent a model for you or from which it draws inspiration?
Yes, there are many people I take as a point of reference. I like to draw inspiration from people who work in fashion, but also from those who do not belong to it at all. I find that in life there are obviously many other things besides fashion, and I often look for ideas and ideas in other sectors and contexts.

In 2017 you were one of the eight finalists of the LVMH prize. Today it has more than 250 thousand followers on Instagram. How did you achieve success quickly?
I would not call it successful for now. I am very happy with all this, but I would say that we are still in the process of building both our career and the brand and we are still far from being able to define a business.

If you had to choose an idol to wear his jewels, who would he choose?
I’d like to see them worn by a character from a sci-fi movie like Star Wars. If it were Darth Vader, it would be great.

Do you have any new projects in the pipeline for the future?
Yes, in reality there are already projects for collaborations that will develop during this year. The most imminent is the one with Nike.