Sustainability, logomania, power of influencers: here is fashion


The attention to sustainability, the boom of the “mania logo” and the growing power of social media, able to consecrate with a “like” brand of emerging brands – including Italians – and to dramatically increase the sales of products of any price range .

These are some of the strong trends taking place in the fashion world, highlighted in 2018 but destined to continue in 2019.

The annual report that analyzes the phenomena and trends that have characterized the sector during the year emerge from the Year in Fashion 2018. A synthesis realized with a global platform chosen in 2018 by over 80 million people in 120 countries for their research.

To compile the report, 100 million online searches were monitored globally and the keywords, sales figures, pageviews and mentions on social media were analyzed for over 5 million fashion products of 12,000 e-commerce single-brand and multi-brand stores in the period January-November 2018.

Green fashion likes stars (and instagramers)
In 2018 eco-friendly fashion was in the spotlight all over the world, thanks to the endorsement of international stars, and thanks to the buzz on social media.

This year Lyst recorded a 47% increase in global searches for sustainable garments, which focused in particular on articles in “vegan skin”, “organic cotton” and “econyl”.

Among the “green” brands Veja was particularly popular, with its eco-friendly sneakers, made with raw materials from organic farming and ecological agriculture, without chemicals or polluting processes.

It is in first place in the list of the most desired brands on Instagram: the research on Lyst of its eco-friendly sneakers have increased by 113% year on year, certainly thanks to an exceptional ambassador: Meghan Markle.


Return to the ’90s and’ 00s: it is immediately logomania

They began to appear at the beginning of the 1990s: on the one hand the “bourgeoisie” chose Ralph Lauren and the Lacoste crocodiles, on the other the rap lovers wore Nike and wore suits with the unmistakable Adidas stripes.

What unites them to the Y generation is the passion for the logos, which today must always be in full view (and possibly large) so as not to go unnoticed on the social feed. Supreme is at the top of the logos.

The confirmation comes from the top 10 of the most popular products on Instagram in 2018: first the classic Gucci logo belt, followed by the “industrial” by Off-White and the Fendi monogram tights, thanks to a photo by Kim Kardashian , they went immediately exhausted all over the world.


An Italian brand among the most popular brands on Instagram

2018 was also the year of Attico, an Italian reality that with its sophisticated and contemporary creations has conquered the star system and reached the third place in the top 10 of the most popular brands on Instagram. In addition, the research on Lyst of the brand founded by influencers Gilda Ambrosio and Giorgia Tordini increased by 57% in the period January-November 2018.


Chiara Ferragni unique Italian in the top 10 global influencers

The Jenner-Kardashian family continues to dictate trends. Social stars Kylie and Kim top the list of the most influential celebrities of 2018: searches for yellow bikinis jumped by 81% after Kylie Jenner published a picture of her wearing one on Instagram. Other families have also had a great impact on the fashion business.

Meghan Markle, in fact, is not only in third place of the most influential celebrities of the year, but her royal wedding has spurred 184% of the searches for “Givenchy dresses”. Not less Kate Middleton: research related to Jenny Packham almost tripled when the Duchess presented the world to Prince Louis wearing a red dress of the British designer.

Do not miss the Ferragnez: the Dior dress “convertible” shown by Chiara Ferragni at her wedding is responsible for a 45% in searches for similar items. The fashion blogger is in seventh place in the ranking of the most influential characters of 2018: the only Italian in the top 10, even surpasses music and cinema stars such as Rihanna and Blake Lively.

“The digital revolution has radically influenced the fashion business and the way we shop and the impact that social media have on consumers and brands should not be underestimated,” says Chris Morton, founder and CEO of Lyst, pointing out how the platform has taken great account of the role played by the monitoring of Instagram in this edition of Year in Fashion.