The season most awaited by women is coming between beachwear and luxury outfits to communicate freedom and lightness

Summer time

There are only a few days left until the longest day of the year, June 21, when the summer solstice will officially kick off the iconic season of freedom, fun, holidays, well-being, whether by the sea or in the mountains. in friends or family. But summer has actually already arrived and the warm weather, even above average, of the last two weeks has confirmed this. Summer fashion is the most awaited by women, ready to show themselves with elegance and lightness, with sensuality and originality. It is therefore necessary to prepare without wasting any more time for the trends of the season that are certainly the most awaited and undoubtedly the most explosive from a creative point of view. Lively patterns and vibrant colors evoke the joy of the return of beach parties, aperitifs at sunset while sumptuous satin and jersey dresses with glam details are inspired by a Dolce Vita style mood that envelops everyone’s minds in these months of the year. Fluid chiffon, silks like veils and sensual silhouettes for a chic style in the name of extravagance. And here is the time for the most important Maison, and the aspiring ones, to bet everything on fashion collections dedicated in all respects to summer and designed precisely to surprise everyone with the coolest style of this  Women’s Summer 2022. Summer capsule, limited edition collections, collaborations between brands, pop-up stores in the most popular holiday spots or in specific online sections. Let’s find out together the most beautiful fashion collections ready to be packed. Among the summer outfits, surely the choice of the swimsuit represents for women a mission that must absolutely not be impossible and so finding the right one capable of enhancing themselves, their physicality and their creativity becomes a constant thought starting from spring. The success of the trends dedicated to the summer season is confirmed by the second edition of the event, Mediterranea, exclusively dedicated to beachwear to be held in Milan in these days from 17 to 20 June 2022 in a huge ultra-contemporary space, with 80 brands exposed. The director of communication, Mauro Gallinari, declared: «The Mediterranea team is happy to present the second edition of this collective in Milan. In this even more complex period, we believe that new B2B events with strong individuality and identity can make a difference. Buyers from all over the world need to be guided in their purchases by a pre-selection of qualified brands grouped in a dedicated exhibition space ». In fact, in the high-end stores the presence of beachwear, swimwear and resort wear items is increasingly emerging and this is because some beachwear items can really complement high-level summer outfits. The last edition was attended by some brands selected by Michele Franzese Moda including Clara Aestas and Oserèè. The beachwear line of the Oserèè, Clara Aestas but also Voi Sola brands is sophisticated, dedicated to women who do not want to give up style even at the sea, reinterpreting timeless shapes and embroideries. Do you know these brands?

The chosen summer brands

Voi Sola was born from the new stylist gieffina Guendalina Canzoni when in 2015 she launched the first swimsuit on her Instagram profile. With her in her shot there is also her daughter Chloe who wears an identical mini bikini. It is the birth of a new star. The subsequent collections in fact perfectly balance lights and shadows on the body of the wearer of the costumes, models that every girl should have in her wardrobe: iconic pieces that represent what we call the essentials of beachwear, young and sophisticated. In short, the brand founded together with the designer Vanessa Lopalco is ideal for those looking for new fabrics mixed with the traditional experience of Italian artisans. Oséree, from the French verb to dare, was born in 2015. It is a timeless swimwear label that gives a sensual touch to all its sophisticated pieces. Also designed for little women who do not want to go unnoticed from an early age. Oserè kids is synonymous with elegance with a romantic touch. The brand has recently signed its debut also in lingerie and nightwear. Clara Aestas, from the Latin aestas is summer, is the new beachwear line by Sable Blond, dedicated to romantic and elegant women who do not want to give up style even at the sea. The sophisticated concept of the brand is based on Haute Couture, and reinterprets the dreams of women who want to “dress” even on the beach, wearing bikinis that make them feel beautiful and with a refined, contemporary and trendy style, but with a classic touch. The proposals of the Amen brand are also contemporary and avant-garde, which with its dresses will make our summer evenings shine, with pearls and opalescent sequins embroidered all-over. The brand launched in 2003 goes beyond the concept of a collection, is contemporary and avant-garde at the same time. Born from the will of the entrepreneur Jacopo Tonelli, to support a modern approach to luxury, with a great know-how on decoration: each model is in fact a special creation, designed to be timeless and in which each piece is conceived as a precious jewel. In short, whether it’s a Kaftan, a bikini or a one-piece swimsuit, it’s time to show off your rigorously luxury outfit. Do not miss our selection for Women’s Summer 2022 by visiting Michele Franzese Moda.