The new Genny collections are a pret à porter close to the needs of the contemporary woman, all in a made in Italy style

Authentic femininity

The Genny label can now boast a 60-year long history and numerous brands of excellence including Gianni Versace, who became its artistic director in 1973, Claude Montana and Christian Lacroix. The brand was born in 1962 thanks to Arnaldo and Donatella Girombelli and since 2011 belongs to the Veronese group Swinger International. In the last ten years, thanks to the new artistic director, Sara Cavazza Facchini, Genny has returned to ride the wave of success and great public appreciation. Facchini has decided to give the maison a new impetus by focusing on a style aimed at showing and enhancing an authentic femininity, a timeless elegance with flowing lines with great attention to detail resulting from a strong sensitivity towards the contemporary world. “When I imagine garments, the first thing I ask myself is:” Would I wear them? “So I try them on. If they work, they have the go-ahead”, this is one of Sara’s rules. Between classic elements and the mix of new fabrics, the result are collections of a pret à porter close to the needs of the contemporary woman, with the signature of the authentic made in Italy. An important attention is also given to the theme of sustainability. In fact, in Genny fashion, social responsibility is not separated towards employees and the low environmental impact of its products: this is how to be luxury responsible, an operational line, and not just an image, strongly desired by the artistic director. “I agreed to design for this brand because I felt close to it, during the day with shirt and fitted skirt and in the evening with an illuminating dress. I love Genny and respect his glamor in the manner of Grace Kelly and Lady D, between silks and fabrics that caress the body and real clothes, made to be worn and not remain a beautiful dream on the catwalk. “The sparkling Genny evening dresses appeal to women. wealthy Middle Eastern women and suits are sold out among American managers. Big fan is also Jennifer Lopez. Genny’s is a full hymn to sensuality, without forcing for a strong, modern and daring woman. Women like Genny, and do you? Discover the brand, included in the new proposals for the SS22 by Michele Franzese Moda, available in our boutique in Via Domenico Morelli 6/8/10 in Naples.