Second skin tights and dotted maxi dresses. From the collaboration between Wolford and Vetements a new unmissable mini-collection starts


Born on the occasion of men’s fashion week, the new creative collaboration unites the craftsmanship of Wolford with the unmistakable stylistic signature of Vetements.

Some of the most inalienable pieces of the female wardrobe are reinterpreted with the no-limits look of Vetements and Wolford’s avant-garde technique.

The result? A pair of tights and a maxi knitted dress, to collect.

And if the 8 denari stockings of the Austrian brand, lover of the second skin concept, become the starting point on which the collective applies a tattoo print, made even more evident by the composition of biocomponent yarn, the maxi dress distorts the concept of black dress .

The circular knit by Wolford composes a long dress crossed by the lines of professional mannequins, used by haute couture houses for their meticulous work. Designed to be worn as a single piece or combined with other garments, the maxi dress transforms the wearer’s body into a canvas that highlights individuality and personal style.