Roberto Cavalli’s exclusive Wild Leda capsule will be presented at Michele Franzese Moda’s cathedral of luxury on 8 June during a super exclusive party

Roberto Cavalli

Fashion label Roberto Cavalli has a history rich in creativity and audacity. Founded by Italian designer Roberto Cavalli in 1970, the company has become famous for its unique and iconic aesthetic. Cavalli introduced a wild and daring vision into fashion, using animal prints and luxurious fabrics to create exclusive clothing and accessories. In the 1990s, the brand achieved international fame, conquering catwalks around the world and becoming a symbol of luxury and eccentricity. Roberto Cavalli succeeded in conveying a sophisticated sensuality through his creations, attracting celebrities and style icons. Today, the brand continues to embody the essence of Italian luxury with its bold and innovative spirit, offering unique and iconic fashion that embodies Roberto Cavalli’s timeless appeal. The brand is set to experience a wild summer with its new Wild Leda collection. It was love at first sight for creative director Fauso Puglisi. Wild Leda celebrates beauty, power, seduction and betrayal, based on a legendary Greek mythological story in which the famous and beautiful Queen Leda was seduced by Zeus in the form of a swan. Rich and opulent details intrigue and fascinate the entire capsule collection. The fashion house has created a bucolic scene inspired by the archive motif ‘Leda and the Swan’, originally designed and conceived by Roberto Cavalli in 1994, which now becomes the star of a fascinating capsule collection. To celebrate the summer of 2023, the fashion house has prepared a rich programme of events that will be held in various cities around the world. he Creative Director, Fausto Puglisi, has paid homage to the brand’s artistic heritage, redesigning the iconic print and maintaining its feminine and sensual atmosphere. The capsule collection encompasses a variety of ready-to-wear, beachwear and accessories, including the famous Roar Bag and the elegant Pettegole slingbacks, which are this season’s highlights. In addition, the collection also includes a selection of homeware and furnishing accessories. The Wild Leda collection is a tribute to feminine beauty and elegance, featuring bold animal prints and sensual details. The ready-to-wear pieces reflect Roberto Cavalli’s distinctive style, with light, floaty dresses, pleated skirts, low-cut tops and impeccably cut trousers. Beachwear features swimming costumes with eye-catching patterns and luxurious details, perfect for summer days at the beach. The collection’s accessories complete the ensemble, with the Roar Bag becoming the season’s icon. This luxurious bag is made from high quality materials and features bold, original details. The Pettegole slingbacks, on the other hand, are elegant and refined shoes that add a touch of glamour to every outfit. In addition to clothing and accessories, the Wild Leda collection also offers a selection of homeware and furnishing accessories. These pieces bring Roberto Cavalli’s elegance and style into the home with luxurious fabrics, eye-catching prints and refined details. Roberto Cavalli’s Wild Leda collection for summer 2023 promises to catch the eye with its wild beauty and timeless luxury. Thanks to the creative work of Fausto Puglisi, the iconic ‘Leda and the Swan’ print is transformed into a new interpretation that continues to enchant and captivate.

Michele Franzese Fashion & Wild Leda

The presentation event in Naples will be an unmissable opportunity to immerse oneself in Roberto Cavalli’s universe and discover the magic of Italian fashion. And it is thanks to Michele Franzese Moda that this unmissable event will take place. From this meeting at the top of the quality fashion system between those who make Fashion and those who spread Fashion was born a significant partnership that right in these days will symbolically take shape with a super exclusive event where Roberto Cavalli’s Wild Leda capsule for summer 2023 will be previewed. Where and When. The magnificent Naples will host the event on June 8, 2023 during an exclusive cocktail party from 6:30 to 10 pm: 00 at inside the “cathedral of luxury” of Michele Franzese Moda, the splendid and famous boutique (which has recently also become one of the first in the world to be made also in digital boutique format) curated by Studio Baciocchi located in Piazza dei Martiri in Naples that inside its area of more than 700 square meters with period frescoes and rooms rich in history brings together all the most important and glamorous brands in the world and is ready to open its doors to the Wild Leda collection in all its beauty. A definitely not-to-be-missed event in which two outstanding names in Italian fashion will come together to show this unprecedented capsule collection for the first time in store to the evening’s guests. The iconic Cavalli brand merges here with the elegance of Michele Franzese’s boutique Michele Franzese Moda is ready to offer the best of Roberto Cavalli’s new Wild Leda capsule collection for summer 2023. How about you? Are you ready to attend a real high fashion event in Naples?