Actress, designer, entrepreneur: Dorit Baror is climbing the heights of international fashion, starting from her Tel Aviv

Dorit Baror is an actress, designer and fashion designer in Tel Aviv, where she was recently elected the best dressed celebrity of the decade by the Israeli press. In 2009, she launched his prêt-à-porter brand called Dodo Bar Or, imagining collections with ethnic influences, reinventing each time the cultures that inspire them: traditions of Yemen, often inspired by the wedding dresses of local women and their special relationship with the jewels.

Here’s how she tells herself in a short interview.

How would you define your style and your creations?

I would define my style as a comfortable and very flattering fashion, clean lines that fit the curves of the body, even on slightly oversized pieces. For this, I use only beautiful materials, such as precious leather, silk or velvet that I love to decorate with more couture details such as embroidery, sequins or leather overlays. I like to think that my clothes are timeless, that they represent a perfect combination of modernity and authentic elegance.

Some examples …

Sometimes, I used only black and white leather. Others, rather crazy enamels to give the clothes a geometric style and an artistic influence with traits from art and Islamic culture. Still others, I have combined the first two inspirations with new materials, new shapes and handmade details. But I was also inspired by the Yemen culture that I find particularly fascinating, especially the way women include jewelry in their clothes. For their wedding, they are mainly in black and white, social status is distinguished only for jewels: the more they are worn, the more important they are. For example, the silver buttons embroidered on a dress indicate a very high state. As I said before, I like to inspire myself to authentic things, full of stories and then reinvent them with modernity.

What inspiration always returns to your creations?

The Middle East. I lived there forever and all my inspirations come from there. It is an extremely stimulating place with a very strong culture … Colors, smells, food, shapes, art, architecture, sounds, people … Everything inspires me. I like to immerse myself in this raw authenticity, then give it a new interpretation and turn it into something modern and current.

Some anecdote to tell?

One day I made a mini collection that I then presented and sold at home to friends. I worked very hard to collect a multitude of vintage fabrics that I then assembled by hand to make clothes. Each piece was unique, bringing together different combinations of patchwork fabrics I had found. It was a real success, in one day everything was sold! I was so happy until I realized I had no more space … I did not sleep at night, realizing that all my art was scattered in one day. The next day I went to see all the women who had bought my pieces and asked them to give me back. Everyone thought I had lost my mind, but it did not bother me much, I just wanted to get my creations back. Since then, I have a reputation for “crazy women” because of this but also other crunchy stories!

Does French fashion inspire you?

Yes, of course, for me French fashion is a perfect combination of haute couture, chic simplicity and inexplicable coolness. Everyone tries to copy the Parisian style without ever breaking the mystery.

Who is the Dodo Bar Or woman?

She is a fearless, self-confident person who knows who he is, who she is and where she is going. It does not need to claim its sensuality, it’s simply sexy, even when wearing sneakers and oversized clothes! In terms of fashion, it is rather a forerunner, it does not imitate anyone and creates trends that are peculiar to it.

Do you have a person in mind? Courtney Love. The kind of girl who has a fresh and unique personality and on which the clothes come together without problems

What do you think you should never do today in fashion?

Follow the dictates.

And in 10 years?

Realize my autobiography!