It is the most exclusive and paparazzi appointment of New York nights, a kind of masquerade ball with dinner for which a theme is chosen every year. You only enter by invitation and it costs 35000 dollars

It is the “Oscar night of the East Coast”, “The Party of the Year”: a concentration of glamour and celebrity the Met Gala of the Metropolitan Museum in New York. Officially this is the gala evening, organized by Vogue every first Monday in May, to raise funds for the Costume Institute, the permanent collection of the museum that houses over 33000 clothes and fashion accessories from 1400 to present from all over the world.

In fact it is the most exclusive and paparazzi appointment of New York nights, a kind of masquerade ball with dinner (every year a theme is chosen, even if it is not obligatory to arrive in costume) that you enter only by invitation and you participate paying 35000 dollars a Head (reserving a table costs from 200 to 300,000 dollars).

The theme this year was “Camp: Fashion Notes” and was inspired by the essay by Susan Sontag “notes on Camp”, erudite disquisition of the American feminist philosopher released in 1964. Starting from the figurative meaning of the word “Camp “, defined by the dictionary “The absurdly exaggerated style of personal or creative expression that often blends elements of high culture with the popular one”, Sontag wrote that “Camp ” is “a type of Sensitivity that translates into love for the unnatural, artifice, excess “.

Nothing closer to the spirit of the Met Gala, this year under the artistic direction of the creative director of Gucci Alessandro Michele and with the participation of Harry Styles (the pop star that floats between the genres, Michael’s muse) and the Oscar-winning Lady Gaga.

“Notes on Camp” was a revolutionary text that questioned the supremacy of heterosexuality. “Camp: Fashion Notes” The exhibition at the Met is a celebration of the fluidity of genres in a time when there are still those who associate diversity with perversion.

Among the 550 elected officials of the evening Serena Williams (Anne Wintour, director of Vogue, is a passionate tennis), Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Cardi B and Jennifer Lopez; Janelle Monae, Oscar-winning actress Lupita Nyong ‘ O, actors Michael Uriel and Ezra Miller, models Giselle Bundchen and Naomi Campbell, various sisters of the Kardashian clan.