One hundred American illustrator works at Palazzo Poli until mid-November


Inspired by the sly atmosphere of the city, the monuments that tell of a greatness that was and the unique architecture of Rome, the American illustrator Miles Hyman has created 100 drawings that trace the atmosphere and the daily life of the Eternal City. A journey through the drawings signed by the artist on behalf of Louis Vuitton, who wants to pay tribute to the capital, through the fascinating illustrations created for the Louis Vuitton Travel Book, a collection presented in an exhibition at Palazzo Poli, the Institute’s headquarters Central for Graphics, scheduled from October 5 to November 11.

Hyman spent a period in the capital with his eyes turned towards the Roman sky, focused on an architectural detail, on the face of a passer-by, on a door in Trastevere or on the dome of a church in Piazza Navona. The result was an invitation to the real and virtual journey, enriched by intellectual stimuli and intense moments, which gives readers an unprecedented vision of the city. Rome responds to Hyman’s approach by offering his own beauty without filters, becoming energetic and dynamic, charged with a fleeting beauty, joyful, full of poetic elements in his everyday life.

“The Roman palette inspires me so much,” says Hyman. “His light, first of all, but also his special colors, have come a gradual spell on me: the facades, with their shades of ocher, golden yellow, blue and turquoise, not to mention the wide range of reds, one richer than the other, bright and deep colors that influence the artist in an unmistakable way Rome is part of those cities that demand time in their company before they can capture the charm But be careful: when you love them, when you understand them and perceive their so unique soul, then it is a real love at first sight, a passionate and eternal love “.

Miles Hyman is an illustrator of periodicals and novels, most of them yellow, he also writes comic stories. From his drawings it is clear that he could have been a writer with a style between that of F. Scott Fitzgerald and Joseph Conrad, or a film director. His world evokes a certain type of literature, mostly the American one, which he himself helped to make famous with his adaptations. The illustrations for the comic version of The Black Dahlia by James Ellroy remain a model of its kind, endorsed by the same master. In the books of Miles Hyman, the lexicon is that of a director attracted by the mysteries of shadows and light: fields and counter-fields, close-ups and broad views, are his business card.