They are called ODSY-1000 and are the new Off-White sneakers. The designer Virgil Abloh publishes a preview on Instagram


With a post on Instagram, Virgil Abloh showed the community the new Off-White sneakers.

The designer seems to be in a particular creative moment, as he follows the Louis Vuitton men’s fashion collection, collaborates with Nike and, in all this, he continues his commitment to his label.

The different work commitments fully reflect his rich and varied curriculum, born as an architect, collaborator of Kanye West and mind of Off-White.

Returning to its latest creation, Off-White sneakers are characterized by a rather important (impressive) structure: the silhouette is in fact characterized by a thick and rippled sole.
In the back we find a measurement of 4 cm that marks the height of the shoe, while the side is characterized by a patchwork of materials and colors that give movement, just like the arrows that meet to create an “X”.

Named ODSY-1000, the Off-White sneakers present an aesthetic in line with the fashion of chunky sneakers and trail running.

If you are wondering when they will be available online or in-store, it is not given to know. Virgil Abloh limited himself to sharing photos of the ODSY-1000s.

So even these colors do not know if they will go into production or not. Stay tuned!