The Californian company Vans has just announced the imminent launch of Mismatch Packs, which will resurrect the trend for mismatched shoes next season. The different pairs, which are not in fact pairs, will go on sale in the month of January. This latest collection of sneakers pays homage to the early days of the Vans brand. Designed by skaters for skaters in 1976, the Vans Era 95 is one of the brand’s iconic models. When the company was in its infancy, Vans stores had a policy of replacing single shoes that had been wrecked by skaters in Dogtown, who ended up wearing mismatched pairs. Adapted to contemporary looks, the Mismatch Packs offer perfectly chosen colors and motifs that are, indeed, mismatched.  Not surprisingly, the Era model is the star of this new collection. It is presented in blue canvas and camouflage print on the left, and pink canvas and zebra print on the right, For its part, the Style 36 is also offered with a varied range of colors and motifs as well as different side stripes and laces. Last but not least, Vans is also proposing mismatched pairs of its iconic Classic Slip-On model. The new collection is due to be released in January, and will be available from a selection of Vans stores and online.