Vanity Fair Italy launches a social campaign to raise awareness on the importance of undergoing the anti-Covid vaccine for one’s own good and that of others to mark the restart that everyone has been waiting for for some time. On the Instagram page of the magazine, friends of the newspaper, celebrities and show personalities are invited to get vaccinated. Anyone can then join via social media, posting their own photo with the sticker for the IG stories #iomivaccino that they will find by searching for “vanityfairitalia”. First in support of the pro-vaccination campaign are those of the mayor of Milan, Beppe Sala, of the life senator Liliana Segre, of the scientific popularizer Piero Angela and of the virologist Fabrizio Pregliasco. It is Pregliasco himself in an interview with Vanity Fair summarized here, who dispels the main doubts relating to the vaccine. “Over 50-60 thousand people were recruited, representing, in terms of the number of subjects studied after vaccination, the size comparable to that used for other vaccinations. The most common side effects are fever, headache, joint pain but not in a high percentage and with values ​​of 6, 7, 8%, typical percentages that anyone can report for vaccinations against influenza or for vaccines trickling into childhood or to adults. Little things that limit themselves and do not cause concern. Mask and distancing will certainly have to be there until there is a herd immunity or an important dimension of vaccination on the whole population. In practice, for the whole of 2021, vaccinated or not, they will have to be maintained. To achieve herd immunity in Italy, 42 million would have to be vaccinated. Getting the vaccine will help prevent a new infection and also strengthen the immune system. We don’t know exactly how long we stay protected, maybe 6 months. There is still uncertainty about the need to perform the recall after a year, we will find out this in the future. What is certain is that with herd immunity we will arrive at the extinction of the disease. To truly achieve immunity, it will be necessary to continue with vaccination, make boosters, vaccinate the newborns and so on. In this case, vaccination represents an act of solidarity for the community and for the closest people around us. Vaccine safety data are the same size and capacity as other vaccines; in any case, the risk-benefit ratio is absolutely in favor of vaccination. To date, we believe the vaccine also works as an immune cover on the English variant