Vanity fair dedicates a service to the best 20 photos of 2020. How will we remember The year of Covid, the cry of Black Lives Matter, the farewell to Kobe Bryant, Sean Connery, Maradona, Gigi Proietti, Paolo Rossi, Franca Valeri, Ennio Morricone, Stefano D’Orazio (Pooh). The photos range from the coffins of Bergamo, hit hard by Coronavirus in Italy, to the prayer of Pope Francis, completely alone in a desolate and frightened St. Peter’s Square, from the President of Italian Republic Sergio Mattarella who comes down alone with the mask, from the Altare della Patria, on the day of liberation, April 25, to farewell to Willy Monteiro. From Wuhan, which was the first to fight against Covid, to the fires that have devastated Australia, from the fatigue of doctors on the front line in intensive care to the smile of Kamala Harris alongside the new American president Joe Biden.