The Italian haute couture house announces new collaborations with Undercover and Birkenstock in Paris


Masculinity is fluidized and explores more free ways to represent Valentino, on the catwalk in Paris at the Grand Palais with the collection for the fall / winter 2019/20 designed by Pierpaolo Piccioli, which for this season launches two new creative collaborations: with Undercover , the Japanese brand founded by Jun Takahashi, and with Birkenstock, the iconic footwear brand.

For the fashion house the passion for street couture continues, the desire to bring the attitude of the street in the atelier and create a contemporary fashion that unites the opposites.

Here Valentino thinks again the idea of classic man, now dropped in the contemporary streetwear, intended not as a trend but as a way of life.

He is a man who is no longer tied to the strict rules of dress.

Everything is freer and more fluid. Including the silhouettes.

Here the hooded sweatshirt and sneakers coexist with tailoring.

But it is a new sartorial idea, designed for today’s man, without constraints.

So coats, trousers, shirts have fluid, soft volumes that slide over the body, declined in shades of gray, camel and black.

Apart from the bright colors of the graphics of the new creative collaboration ‘Valentino in collaboration with Undercover’, a dialogue between Pierpaolo Piccioli and Jun Takahashi, founder of the Japanese brand.

Together they have studied graphic prints that go through times and styles, read according to Valentino’s optics, such as inlays, embroideries, jacquards and prints (multiplied rhythmically or shrunk).

Here then are futuristic prints of ufo and spaceship, which alternate rhythmically in the collection.

The intent is to give the idea of a journey through time, in fact some leaders carry the word ‘time traveler’, a traveler over time.

Valentino in collaboration with Birkenstock” was born, a new model of footwear, which explores an accessory of the universal language of fashion and interprets it according to the codes of the fashion house. Guests at the show the actress Laura Dern and the rap singer Offset.