An eighteenth century villa for a “entry into society” as a true princess. To host the super party of Gaya Franzese, sunny and bright in his strictly golden dress as per the mood of the evening, it was in fact one of the historic homes of the Miglio d’Oro, Villa Campolieto, whose quadrangular structure wanted at the time by Luigi Vanvitelli and loved then also by Dino Risi, who turned Operation San Gennaro here, turned for an evening with purple lights, bright headlights, videomapping with the name of the birthday girl and anything else that can rhyme with glam.

Of course, thanks to the VIP wedding planner Alessandra Grillo, who came to Naples from Milan, especially for the whole Franzese family: her parents Michele Franzese and Milena Giordano, who together with Giada and Michelino supported the young woman in the easy enterprise to organize and live one of the most exciting moments of one’s life.

And then, of course, the best friends, bridesmaids of exception and always at Gaya’s side from the beginning to the end of the party: Maria Vittoria Amodio, Chiara Viale, Lisa Avitabile, Giulia Mollo, Fabiana De Carolis, Chiara Barbiero, Ludovica Lo Schiavo, Michela Morgera and Laura Spagnoletti, all punctually portrayed by Marco and Gianluca Baldassarre, Costantino Nanino and Francesco Artistico together with the numerous guests of the celebrated woman including many famous faces from the fashion world.

It is the case, for example, of the designers Fausto Puglisi and Giuliano Calza of GCDS who gave his gadget to all the friends of Gaya, or of the fashion bloggers Chiara and Angela Nasti with their parents Enzo and Gabriella, Mauro Situra, Jacopo Tonelli and many others that for the whole evening have been unleashed on the notes selected for the occasion by the dj Enzo Capocelli and Christian Ciotola of the Mec.

An atmosphere as cheerful as it is elegant, in which some of the most famous names of the exclusive parties could not be missing, such as the boys of J sushi, the barmen of Francesco Cappuccio and the chefs of In Tavola, who also saw all night long protagonists historical friends like Antonio and Luciarita Giacomini, the whole Muroli family, Patrizia Marinangeli, Fausto and Anna Amodio, aunt Martina Giordano, Lorenzo Pollio, Alessandro Caso, Andrea Maiello, Mattia Giordano, Vincenzo Rago, Antonio Caccavale, Vittorio Botti, Riccardo Martirani, Lorenzo Forges Davanzali, Antonio Giordano Matteo Ruggiero, Fabrizio Perrone Filardi and Alberto Izzo: without them, Gaya commented at the end of the party, it wouldn’t have been the same thing.