Camera buyer Italy – The best shops dedicates the latest issue of its newsletter to the 10 top beauty influencers who are becoming popular in Italy on instagram. They are:

  • Grace On Your Dash (@graceonyourdash, 263k Followers),
  • Giulia Sinesi (@giuliasinesi, 131k Followers su Instagram)
  • Mr Daniel (@mrdanielmakeup, 593k Followers)
  • Le Italienne (@leitalienne, 25,2k followers)
  • Greta Agazzi (@greta_ag, 141k Followers)
  • Giulia Grandi (@giulia_peculiar, 37,8k Followers)
  • Melissa Tani (@melissatanii, 269k Followers)
  • Ale Hilton (@alehitonxo, 114k Followers)
  • Eleonora Tani (@theladyxoxo, 165k Followers)
  • Debora Fulli (@deborafulli, 121k Followers)

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