A collection ready to illuminate the return to life beyond restrictions with glamor

“Let the Sunshine In”

The last few years between the pandemic emergency and the continuous lockdowns have put a strain on, and in some cases even radically changed, not only people’s internal habits but also external ones. If by internal habits we can understand behaviors in terms of the ability to relate to others, stress management, work organization; from the external point of view we could understand the way of expressing oneself and presenting oneself to the world through one’s image. The personal external aesthetic style through which each of us chooses to represent and present ourselves is the specific object of the field of Fashion. Even the world of fashion, both as a production chain and as a creative industry, has had to deal with the pandemic, recounting the emotions of the international scenario in recent years through the creations of designers. However, the latest fashion weeks have finally become bearers of greater optimism through proposals increasingly oriented to tell the long-awaited “exit from the tunnel” of the pandemic crisis thanks to the hopes that are coming from the increasingly explicit and constant signs of the weakening of risk. viral. The immediate return to social habits preceding, or nearly so, the pandemic period meant that among the stylists a creative reflection began on the need to return to focus on evening wear: The need for event ceremony dresses is again a reality . Among the brands involved in this rebirth, Michele Franzese Moda has selected Tom Ford who represents an explicit light out of the tunnel. The spring-summer 2022 collection is directly inspired on the one hand by the 70s / 90s style, on the other by the sportswear typical of the Los Angeles lifestyle. The wardrobe is also enriched in all its proposals by a touch of glamor that certainly does not go unnoticed. Through looks with a clean and always elegant cut designed using luminous materials and details, Tom Ford literally highlights the desire to free himself from that monotonous, from that internal and external gray produced by the limits and needs of restriction resulting from the pandemic of last two years. The looks in satin fabrics have a strong and decidedly luminescent color palette: shocking pink, lilac, cobalt, green and colors such as gold, silver and bronze, as precious as the jewels that accompany the outfits presented in the countryside. A choice that also reflects the intent to tell the new idea of ​​Beauty spread through social media: “More and more often people do not dress in fashion during the day but only at night. Or for social media. Instagram may actually be what saves fashion in the end. People now seem to dress prominently just for a red carpet or to fill their pages with snaps of themselves in extremely elegant attire. Black is not photographed well and therefore clothes have to be more and more cartoon-like to have power on the tiny screens of our phones. It is altering our perception of beauty. It has certainly altered mine, ”declares Tom Ford, master of light with this collection. Come and discover the Tom Ford selection on Michele Franzese Moda.