Mariasole Tognazzi, director and screenwriter, last of the four children of great actor Ugo Tognazzi, winner of four Italian Nastri d’argento and one Globo d’oro and just nominated among the new members of the Academy Awards, writes on Issue 32/33 of Vanity Fair Italia about memories of summer holidays of her family in Torvaianica. Here is translation of an abstract.  “My father Ugo did not like the most fashionable holiday resorts and had a refuge built in Torvaianica, with palm trees scattered throughout the garden, made one think of something exotic and heavenly. He loved cooking, day and night, for himself and other people. He loved spend time with friends. He invented a tennis tournament transforming a piece of the Roman coast, as Pupi Avati said, into a Hollywood on the waterfront. The tournament was the manifesto of total fun with meetings, parties, jokes and sleepless nights danced around the event and its prize, a gold colander. It was a show. Everyone came, Gassman, Ferreri, Monicelli, Pavarotti, Pietrangeli, Panatta, Gillo Pontecorvo. Legends were wasted and there are those who swear that one night Mick Jagger had arrived, moving between the pool table and the kitchens. I never really felt like checking and I probably like to think it happened. Historical truth is not always necessary. Sometimes the memories of a summer are enough”.


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