The Maison Fiorentina presented the new collection designed by Alessandro Michele with a parade of freedom of expression and feminism

Gucci Cruise 2020. Roma, Musei Capitolini


It takes inspiration from the works kept at the Capitoline museums The Gucci Cruise 2020 collection, whose parade took place this evening right inside the Roman museum complex
Alessandro Michele, creative director of the Florentine Maison, presented a collection in which stand out Toghe, iridescent and tunics of Roman memory, but there is no shortage of references to the contemporary world, even from the socio-political point of view.

“When you have the privilege of being able to speak you must say something, fashion has given me the freedom to express myself. Rome is the right container for the characters of my film because it is Pagan, “explains Alessandro Michele, a Roman born, after his parade.
“Going back to Rome was coming back to myself. I came to this museum as a child with my father, I’m here because I love archaeology and I love history. Rome imposes itself with its columns, and its ancient dialogue with me of course. Tonight the models that passed through the museum were the passersby of a Berlin subway or a parade of figures I chose, this time with greater care.

During the parade, a dress has captured in particular the attention of the audience: a white dress with, at the height of the belly, the embroidery of a uterus with flowers.
“The femininity Reemerges in the collection,” explains Michele, “the design of a womb that is a great flower, with which I wanted to reaffirm the freedom of women, their freedom to interrupt even a pregnancy. I wanted to reaffirm the respect for the feminine choice. On my clothes there are slogans because doing fashion also means giving messages of freedom. My position allows me to say things. The more I feel that I am denied freedom, the more my antennas to feel get longer. Rome is a difficult place to define even for a Roman. It’s a little messy as were some of the guys who walked out tonight, it’s free, it’s artistic, it’s anarchic. Freedom is a romantic idea, the dream of being as we wish. ”

The exhibition of Gucci ai Musei Capitolini is also an important collaboration between the Maison and the Roman institution. Over the next two years, Gucci will contribute to the project of recovery of the Tarpea cliff, the rocky wall placed on the south side of the Capitol, from which – according to tradition – until I century A.D. were thrown into the Roman forum below the traitors Of the homeland condemned to death, which in this way were symbolically expelled from the Urbe. This is a commitment that Gucci assumes to promote and enhance one of the most ancient museum complexes in the world: in fact dates back to 1471, by Pope Sixtus IV, the birth of the first public collection of ancient works, which includes the famous bronzes depicting the Capitoline Lupa, the Spinarius, the Camillus and also the fragments of the Colossus of Constantine.