At 88 years old, actress Tippi Hedren just debuted her latest role in an ad for Gucci timepieces and jewelry

Gucci has tapped house favorite Dakota Johnson’s grandmother and former Alfred Hitchcock muse Tippi Hedren to star in its new timepieces and jewelry campaign.

In the Colin Dodgson-lensed ads, Hedren plays a mysterious fortune teller seated in a richly decorated room practicing the art of palmistry while showing off a finger and wrist full of gilded Gucci pieces.

In the video that will appear on Facebook, Hedren, who starred in The Birds (1963) and Marnie (1964), is seen presiding over a crystal ball in a dimly lit, lushly furnished palm-reading joint on the strip.

Her fingers are gloriously entwined in Gucci jewelry as she mind-meld’s with several pretty young truthseekers (played by Victoria Schons, Emily Unkles, Tom Atton Moore and Tex Santos-Shaw) also wearing great jewels.

“All of your dreams will come true,” Hedren concludes.

The whole video has an eery, David Lynch Twin Peaks sort of vibe.


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