From economics to the world of high fashion, like Thom Browne’s style has enriched and innovated modern tailoring

Made in NYC

Thom Browne is an example of how the world of fashion can be enriched with creativity and innovation thanks to the contamination not only with parallel worlds like that of the arts in general but also with those worlds that are somehow completely different. This is precisely the case of Thom Browne, born in 1965 in Allentown, Pennsylvania, who as a graduate in economics just did not imagine, nor did he want, to be a stylist but who now, in his opinion, is even happy if he is copied in the sector: “I didn’t want to be a stylist. I came into contact with this world by chance: at university I studied economics. More than fashion, I was interested in architecture and art. Paradoxically, even now, with collections to be launched twice a year for men and women and all the work that this requires, I don’t think about fashion when I have to get inspired. I do not start from a dress or from an idea linked to a dress, but rather I am inspired by something else, something I see, an image that strikes me, a memory or a work of art that I then try to translate into a particular , a detail that can be found in a dress ». He started his first steps working at Giorgio Armani as a New York salesman. But shortly after he was called by Ralph Lauren to design the Club Monaco line. In 2001 he launched his own brand with five garments, five strictly gray suits, which he sells in a small atelier in the West Village of New York City exclusively by appointment and tailor-made garments. A gray cardigan, a white oxford shirt, a gray tie and silver tie clip and black brogues are combined with a jacket, with a high armhole fit, and trousers, edged at the ankle. Here is the iconic Thom Browne uniform. Success is practically immediate, and in 2004 here is the first collection of prêt-à-porter and accessories for men, while women will see the light in 2011. Three times Menswear Designer of the Year for the Council of Fashion Designer of America, has designed for Moncler and Brooks Brothers, the designer finally won over Ermenegildo Zegna who bought the 85% majority stake in the brand, with Browne as the only shareholder. Thom Browne is widely recognized for redefining modern tailoring. Through its collections for men, women and children, Browne conveys a true American sensibility. Now a global brand with over 50 stores, Thom Browne continues to refer to the gray suit and the pursuit of exceptional quality in fabrics and tailoring. Most of his production comes from tailoring workshops in those countries where the tailoring tradition and craftsmanship has a long history: Scotland, Italy and Japan. Thom Browne seeks only the best. Many consider him the designer who has most influenced men’s fashion after King Giorgio Armani. Recently the brand was chosen by a large high fashion house, that of Ermenegildo Zegna, as part of a very significant acquisition process in the fashion world. Zegna Group has acquired 85% of the capital, the American designer will keep a 15% stake in a company whose total value is around 500 million dollars. While within the Zegna group, Thom Browne will continue to lead the company independently in the role of chief creative officer and says: «With Zegna, the company will have a partner who not only understands the fundamentals of our industry, but who it truly embodies them, bringing us the knowledge and skills of a global leader », being part of the group« is a guarantee in terms of high fashion and quality… Gildo Zegna has understood what I do. Being part of his group is a guarantee in terms of high fashion and quality. Zegna’s fabrics and tailors are the best around, but we are still two separate realities ». Come and discover Thom Browne‘s news and style on Michele Franzese Moda.