The creative (graduate in economics) reveals the sources of his inspiration to the Sole 24 Ore. And explains how being part of  Zegna group “is a guarantee in terms of fashion and quality”


An innovator. Even in women’s fashion. The designer who has most influenced men’s fashion after Armani. This is how Il Sole 24 Ore, in an interview published today, describes Thom Browne, the man to keep an eye on at the moment in the Olympus of fashion brands.

And here, below, how the designer answered the questions put to him by the journalist in the interview that we post:

I state that I am not exactly a fashion journalist.
«Even my background is not exactly that of someone who wanted to work in fashion. I didn’t want to be a stylist. I came into contact with this world by chance: at the university I studied economics. More than fashion, I was interested in architecture and art. Paradoxically even now, with the collections to be launched twice a year for men and women and all the work that this needs, I don’t think about fashion when I have to inspire myself. I do not start from a dress or an idea linked to a dress, but rather I am inspired by something else, something I see, an image that strikes me, a memory or a work of art that I then try to translate into a particular , a detail that is found in a dress ».

In the latest women’s collection, the motif of a dolphin returns, in a recurring manner: why?
“He was the mascot of my college swim team. At the time, I competed in freestyle over long distances: 400, 800 and 1,500 meters! Even today I run every day for about forty minutes. Sport has helped me to be true, sincere. In short, myself. It’s something I do because I like it, certainly to keep myself fit, but more for a mental fact than a physical one. A lot of inspiration comes to me when I run ».

His fashion shows have become legendary, more like performance art experiences than traditional fashion catwalks.
«In 2001 I started presenting the first men’s collections. Immediately my effort was to reinterpret the classic with something new, a different, important element. Every time we think of a fashion show we try to build a visual experience with a unique character. At first I was not understood. I received so many criticisms. They told me to change course. I was not listening to anyone and I went ahead with my language. Today they copy me. It is not bad if this happens: it means that you have opened a new road “.

Tell us about the recent passage within the Zegna group.
«Gildo Zegna has understood what I am doing. Being part of his group is a guarantee in terms of high fashion and quality. Zegna’s fabrics and tailors are the best around, but we are still two separate realities ».

La sfilata della collezione maschile AI 2019-20 a Parigi

Where do your craft creations come from?
«Much of the production comes from tailoring laboratories in Scotland, Italy and Japan. I’m looking for the best. A certain type of quality can only come from the craftsmanship of these countries that have a great tradition. I love Japan in particular and I find that their attention to detail is unique, they are the best in the world in this ».

Inspiration comes with running, but when she draws, what does she need?
«I don’t listen to music. I prefer silence. Perhaps the only thing I can’t do without is a glass of champagne. ”