The underwear branded CR7 by Cristiano Ronaldo sold anywhere on the net. In a day open 200 single-brand e-commerce, dedicated to the intimate of the player


The underpants marked CR7 are literally conquering the network in the last period, precisely since a) Cristiano Ronaldo was bought by Juventus b) the startup Letsell has launched a new online business mode, which allows you to open your own mono-brand e-commerce at almost zero costs.
This opportunity, captured not only by fans and followers of the former Real Madrid champion, has generated a wave (but perhaps “tsunami” would be the most suitable terminology) of virtual shop openings, which in a single day reached 200 .

All “craft” sales channels to allow the internet people to buy the underwear of the man of the moment.

The former star blaugrana, current bianconero star, is since 2012 that in addition to his career as a football player also carries on the model / entrepreneur for the brand that bears his initials and his shirt number.

But probably in recent months, thanks to the free advertising given by the purchase of the “old lady”, the underwear signed CR7 has become a cult mark, something to have absolutely for question of status quo. Fashion is known, it is above all this.

It must not have seemed real to the people of the network to be able to even aspire to have an online store where to sell the underwear Cristiano Ronaldo franchise.

In addition to such easy and advantageous conditions as those offered by Litsell, a company born in 2017 from an idea of ​​entrepreneurs and experts in communication and e-commerce, Carlo Tafuri, Luca Ferrero and Michele Contrini.

The Turin startup, signing agreements with 120 fashion brands, allows anyone, without the need of a VAT number and with a minimum expense, to open an online store without paying attention to the costs of storage, shipping, returns and payments. The only charges borne by the operator, pecunia and time spent, are related to the promotion of the site, the creation of the logo and the choice of any promos and offers.

On average, those who open this type of online shop earn 35% on each sale. If we consider that the CR7 pants have a list price of about 30 euros, the merchant is entitled to eye and cross 10.50 on each item sold, provided that the round figure is maintained and no discounts are made. Not bad. Admitted and not allowed to sell so much, of course.


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