The exclusive SCULPT Yamamay Collection for the SUMMER 2018 season raises and doubles

After the huge success of the first collections, which have become a “must have” for all the women who have had the pleasure of trying them, the SCULPT line relaunches, proposing new models and colors, and doubles, presenting the SCULPT FASHION line.

The innovative costume line, created by the Yamamay R & D laboratories, is created with 100% made in Italy patented fabric, Sensitive® Sculpt by EUROJERSEY, enhanced by the cutting-edge certification of LYCRA® BEAUTY, for a delicate modeling effect of the combined silhouette with maximum comfort.

A modeling effect fabric, ultra-thin and flat, light and breathable, which designs the silhouette offering unique performance even for beachwear, thanks to the high protection of sunlight and quick drying.

The high content of elastic fiber LYCRA®, allied with femininity, gives the SCULPT Yamamay costumes a perfect and comfortable wearability offering the wearer a full feeling of well-being in every situation.

The SCULPT FASHION version is embellished with strategically placed laminated inserts to further enhance the figure.

The models offer essential, simple lines and are characterized by a raw cut to guarantee an excellent fit. One-piece swimsuit, also in C cup, balconette and 2 variations of briefs, in deep blue and lagoon blue for the SCULPT; swimsuit, balconette in B, C, D cups, high and medium briefs, strictly in black for the SCULPT FASHION.

The launch of the SCULPT Collection, inspired by an ideal of natural beauty, is entrusted to the generous shapes and soft curves of the supermodel KATE UPTON, a “naturally beautiful” woman who best highlights the characteristics of the line adding a touch of great seduction.

The goal is the unmistakable one of Giampaolo Sgura, for a combination of certain success.

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