Bruce Wayne is back played by a Robert Pattinson who really presented himself as a big star

Gotham Black

The Dark Knight is back, and he shows up in style! Finally, for all fans of the famous DC comics character, the wait is over. Since the last masterpiece trilogy on the batman by Nolan, in fact, there have been many rumors about what would be the cinematic future of this dark superhero. The risk of an unsuitable re-release was just around the corner as happened illo tempore when the famous and first interpretation of Michael Keaton directed by Tim Burton in the nineties followed the flop played by George Clooney, then passing through the parenthesis of Ben Affleck , not always appreciated, which however follows a different filmic vein. The choice this time fell on an actor who has shown over time to grow and evolve very well but certainly no one would have expected as an option and even choice to play the masked paladin of Gotham City. We’re talking about Robert Pattinson! Selected by the director Matt Reeves hired for the remote of the Batman film, Robert had to do a difficult job to try to go beyond the undisputed masterpieces of Nolan in which Batman was played by a very good, as always, Christian Bale. But it seems that he has succeeded and that this new edition entitled The Batman, just to underline a new beginning, is truly unmissable. “How to make a Bruce Wayne in a way never seen before?” wondered the director Reeves. “Simple … and if this boy who has had a tragedy (that of witnessing the murder of his parents) becomes a loner, one who no longer knows what to do? Then he could turn into a species of rebel, a reckless drug addict. Because the truth is basically just a kind of drug addiction. Batman’s drug is his addiction to revenge. “The new film dedicated to the Dark Knight will hit theaters on March 3 (except in Russia where in fact due to the ongoing sanctions against Putin’s barbaric war, its release has just been blocked, like many other films). and Robert himself left everyone speechless. For the special screening he wore the famous suit “Atticus” by Tom Ford and to complete the look, a white shirt with cuffs and a shiny black silk tie. of the new Batman! While waiting to see him on the big screen, we at Michele Franzese Moda are really sure that we can at the moment confirm the award for the best “black suit” worn at a premiere. Discover our exclusive selection of dresses by visiting the site.