Preparation – show for the store with the latest collection of Philipp Plein and the most famous works of erotic literature

Initially it should have been called Stag Party, or the “Stag party”, but the already existing Stag magazine threatened a cause and so had to find another name. Because of this, from the second issue the logo, a deer in a dressing gown designed by the cartoonist Arv Miller, was replaced by the profile of a rabbit’s head with a tuxedo bow tie, designed by the Art Paul graphic designer.

The choice fell on the rabbit to allude to a certain way, playful and ironic, to see sex. But it was certainly not the graphics that stimulated the interest of Playboy readers, the one that would soon become one of the most famous magazines of all time.

A legend of the publishing industry and beyond, which in recent days Michele Franzese wanted to celebrate dedicating to the history of its timeless covers all the windows and interiors of the prestigious store in via Morelli, in the heart of the Neapolitan city, for many a true and just crossroads of global trends.

The idea was born from the new collection of Philipp Plein, who has dedicated his latest collection to the American magazine, which is already touring the world and, of course, catwalks.

Coordinated by Federico Pinnaserra, the format provides for the display of the windows with rabbit-like mannequins, each of which wears a latex mask.

At the same time, inside the shop and in the same showcases were placed not only a series of erotic covers of Playboy but also copies of some of the most famous erotic books in the history of international literature, such as In Ruins by Araki, Ryan Mendoza, Inflatable Bat Berlin 2017, Mario Testino, Kate Moss, Lachapelle and Heaven to Hell.