Brand number 1 is Gucci. In Italy Trend Off-White

The most loved accessory? Sneakers beat everyone and bring together fashion addicts from all over Europe. And in second place are the boots, the most sought after merchandise categories online in the last six months, both from him and her.

Gucci is the most sought after brand in most European states. It is the Eurofashion map, Lyst’s study that maps from north to south Europe the research of clothing and accessories analyzing the behavior and shopping habits thanks to the database of more than 50 million visits to 47 countries that have occurred over the last few and months on the platform, which allows you to browse among over 12,000 virtual boutiques and ecommerce sites.



Country you go, favorite brand you find
Most countries look for luxury brands. In Germany and the Netherlands, Balenciaga is the most desired brand. In Belgium and Spain, it is Dolce & Gabbana while in England and Luxembourg Gucci is the number one brand. Italians, on the other hand, search and buy more off-white items. Meanwhile, French and Portuguese prefer sports brands such as Nike and Adidas. It is striking that Belgium is the only European country where a local designer has finished in the top three: Dries Van Noten.

Average spend
Unsurprisingly, in almost all European countries women spend more than men. In Italy alone, the opposite is true: Italian men spend an average of 307 euros over a six-month period, while the average amount for women is 226 euros. Monaco beats everyone when it comes to spending power: women spend an average of 900 euros per purchase.

Bargain hunters
The digital age has cancelled the classic period of balances twice a year: today it is possible to buy discounted pieces all year round on most e-commerce. Sweden, Norway, France and Germany are at the bottom of the list with less than 20% of purchases on sale. Greece and Portugal are the real bargain hunters, with percentages above 50%. In Italy, 22% of purchases made in the last six months were on sale.

Users in most European countries opt for neutral colors. Black and white rank almost anywhere in the top two colors in the rankings. If black is still number one, the Swiss people have put the metallic, nude and pink shades before the white. In Spain and France, red took second place, white is number one in Spain and black is France’s absolute favorite.