The Nike style “Back to the Future” shoes will be back by popular demand in 2019, and will cost less

The “Back to the Future” style shoes launched in 2016 by Nike were the dream of many customers, not just Americans.

Fortunately, the company has confirmed that these very special self-lacing shoes will be available again in 2019 and, above all, will have a much lower list price.

The new version of HyperAdapt will arrive on the American market during the spring of 2019 and will cost about $ 350, that is, less than half of the $ 720 needed to take home the first-generation model.

In addition, this time will be used an even more advanced technology for automatic connection and shoes can also be used on basketball courts.

Attention to a non-mangiral detail: this new version can not be sold in Europe, so the good news could all be reserved for American customers.

We will have to wait until next spring to dissolve any doubt.