Francesco Ragazzi continues to imagine new results for Palm Angels, being inspired by the aesthetic suggestions of Baz Luhrman’s masterpiece


A tropical heat and the reverberation of anxious lights accompanied the new collection of Palm Angels, staged on the mezzanine floor of one of Milan’s underground stations.

Francesco Ragazzi remains consistent with his aesthetics and does so by developing a style and an aesthetic that is reminiscent of the 1996 film adaptation Romeo + Juliet by Baz Luhrman: between quotationism and reinterpretation, the oversize photography of one of the most marked the history of 90s fashion echoes on Hawaiian shirts and the sacred iconography of milagros hearts, developing a style that appropriates the aesthetic and chromatic experiences of Venice Beach.

Even Palm Angels does not remain immune to the general trend that is affecting the street universe in the last few seasons: a taste for tailoring and dressing well that subverts the balance of power and that goes to creep up where streetwear was the best. The fit becomes drier with the chino trousers with contrasting bands, an entirely sartorial evolution of the jogger pants that have always been the brand’s stylistic heritage, while playful outerwear and boxy jackets find their deserved space next to the universe of jersey.

A Montecchi and Capuleti clash all in fashion which aims to put aside family feuds and come to a marriage, perhaps not so impossible after all.