A mega event with a double show between stars and singers. And, according to MFF, the acquisition of Roberto Cavalli


The city that never sleeps has awakened the affair Philipp Plein. Spotlight on you. A mega event during New York fashion week fashion shows and business side developments. According to MFF, the journey towards the acquisition of Roberto Cavalli continues, and the countdown to the definition of the deal would have started.

And he, Philipp Plein, who often seems to prefer answers via Instagram as he comments? “No comment,” Plein himself explained to MFF in that snow-covered New York.

With that bold security that has become the seal of his fashion, staged with a special formula. Invitation to dinner with a show. Indeed double parade. Because Philipp Plein has decided to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of his brand with a huge appointment in New York, from The Grill, once Four Seasons restaurant.

A dinner with two noble breaks. Before the Billionaire fashion show, with those proposals seen at the Milan fashion week inspired by the polo game. With a large display of crocodile between jackets and boots on the cast that has preferred models emblazoned that today are between 50 and 60 years. And here is a surprise to close the line up, the designer goes on the catwalk accompanied by the iconic Mickey Rourke with dog.

That inflamed that audience where Paris Hilton and Bella Thorne also stood out. Stop and go. The lights rekindle in a domineering way on the Admiral brand, Philipp Plein. And on that space cowboys mood that has invaded the collection. Interpreted by an array of top models, tightened by those jeweled belts with large buckles completely covered with crystals. It’s a bling bling rodeo, with long fringes, gang jackets trapped in the far west.

Among denim with colored appliqués, camouflage also for men’s suits and oversized down jackets like protections. They alternate with a hypericamated tartan that opens the catwalk, ready to move on a yellow highlighter flash to illuminate the look, even for those bags that are worn tight on the thigh holster style, with a sexy effect as a self-propelled. The final round sees Maluma protagonist, but also shows Lil Pump, the hip hop star who finally performs a live performance in one of the halls, marking the beginning of a musical night.