The cradle of streetwear? According to the most careful analysts, it could be Los Angeles, the city of angels and, for some time, urban fashion


For example, Chris Gibbs, founder of Union Los Angeles, believes that “LA is not the place of birth, but it is the home of streetwear right now”.
Not that there are no other hubs. London, Tokyo and, of course, New York are always at the center of international trends, but according to reports, some of the most promising brands are coming from Los Angeles.

FEAR OF GOD, John Elliott, Unravel and Billy are just a few examples, but we could continue with Amiri or The Hundreds, Undefeated, X-Large and Tyler, the Creator’s Golf Wang and various others who have also helped to create a ground in LA fertile for streetwear.
Not enough, analysts and buyers are ready to bet on new brands that could soon conquer the global fashion system markets.

This is the case, for example, of Pleasures or the label launched by Alex James and Vlad Elkin in a pop-up gallery in Los Angeles in June 2015.

Well, as in the best American tradition, this label now has more than 100 retail outlets around the world, from Bodega to Dover Street Market and recently also started a collaboration with Grateful Dead. 

Or, again, Madhappy launched online last April and has since built the buzz throughout the year with pop-ups in Los Angeles, New York and Aspen. Madhappy was one of the last brands to collaborate with Colette, in a fantastic “Au Revoir Colette” sweatshirt in the picture above. Peiman promises many other “fantastic collaborations” to come in 2018.

Also worth mentioning is Malbon Golf, born as an Instagram account of images relating to golf. Last year they opened a “retail experiential flagship” on Fairfax Avenue which aims to make golf culture more cool. Recent collaborations with Buscemi and Puma. This year they plan to expand into select and selected retailers worldwide.

Moreover Los Angeles is also in BornxRaised DNA: The founder Spanto (yes, it’s a name) was directly inspired by the rapid transformation of his hometown of Venice in California, when he launched the line in 2013. Now he sells from Union, counts Kendrick Lamar as a fan and has a collaboration with Converse that he recently launched.

Shane Gonzales has combined his clothing and music interests to launch Midnight Studios in 2014, growing steadily ever since. With a full range of men’s wear, partnering with A $ AP Rocky and Guess, the brand is ready for growth. Gonzales’ goals include fashion shows and women’s clothing.
While Crystals Advisory Board could be the “LA” brand in this list simply for its association with crystals and metaphysics. Launched in 2016 by former employees of Band of Outsiders, Abc, already has Union, Bergdorf Goodman and Barneys among its business partners.

Last but not least, Rhude: Launched in 2014 by Rhuigi Villasenor, it has been co-signed by the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Frank Ocean and Migos. On sale from Union, Barneys and Ssense, and has become known for pieces inspired by the cigarette pack. He has already debuted, for the very first time, on the European market in Paris in February. To be monitored as well as Chinatown Market that despite its name is not in Chinatown or at the markets.

The brand was founded by former New Yorker Mike Cherman and is inspired by Canal Street; Collection: The signed Bootlegs, ER, together with merchandising inspired by the “Thank You Have a Nice Day” shopping bag and the embroidery of the “Goochi” flowers on the products presented last summer. 

And although it is already known to some of us remains a brand to always keep in consideration and to monitor. It is worn by Tyga and Kylie Jenner and has started collaborations with musicians such as The Weeknd and retailers such as Barneys while important graphics meet modern streetwear pieces with the inclusion of zippers in the GFT trousers: A Up Coming brand to watch.


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