Fringes, crochet hooks, bright colors, slightly hippie shapes and eco-sustainable materials are the pillars of the folk, or ethno-chic style, which is also inspired somewhat by the more contemporary models of indie influence. The influences deriving from this current have been shown with the big names of Etro, Gucci, Dior and Saint-Laurent and with niche stylists such as Dodo Bar Or and Vita Kir, style icons for the most addicted fashion addicts. For those who do not know them, Dodo Bar Or is an Israeli actress and designer and mixes in her creations Middle-East and Balkans; Vita Kir, on the other hand, comes from Ukraine and is famous for his many followers for his brightly colored caftans.

Looking at the creations of Vita Kin and Dodo Bar Or, what immediately catches the eye is a folk influence that comes from traditional costumes far away. To act as masters then caftans, colorful Central-American fantasies, typically South American boiled wool and showy and precious accessories that recall ancient Mayan and Aztec rituals. The garment that is certainly an absolute sovereign is the long or light caftan or ethno-chic dress, embellished with embroidery; it is perfect in the city in an ethno-chic version with high heels or is certainly more carefree and folk with flat shoes. For the more creative, the folk caftan offers the possibility of combining gorgeous, colorful or even bling-bling accessories.

Go ahead, then, to crochet, perfect with jeans and neutral colors, silk shirts and floral dresses with animal and leather accessories. For feather and embroidery lovers, these elements can be inserted in the accessories, which give an ethnic touch to the look. Earrings and necklaces with feathers will be perfect for the evening and an embroidered purse will become versatile for both day and night. Yes also in leather or python ankle boots, perfect as we said before with light clothes and denim.