The Attico is the brainchild of gilda ambrosio and giorgia tordini : women talking to women, imagining fashions as tools of expression, with a distinctive sense of daring . established in 2016 , the attico is rooted in the complementary personalities of its creative directors and an idea of multiplicity as feminine strength .

Gilda and Giorgia lend Drop 1 of the spring/summer 2024 collection entitled THE HARDER THEY COME.

“ We are adamant that multiplicity is our woman’s faculty. Indeed, it is a feminine character at large: there’s many different ways to be who we are, according to mood, whims, environment. Dressing, after all, is a way to morph not just the appearance, but also the mindset of a person. With this collection we wanted to explore a harder, sharper side to THE ATTICO, imagining a harsh, industrial ambiance, and decking our woman accordingly to bring her sense of daring in new directions and heighten the contrast, so to speak, of sequins and concrete. The feathers, the embroideries and the unbridled self-consciousness are there, front and center, but the expression is tense, streamlined, stripped bare to the essence. There is a sleekness that mingles with the textural sensuality of mongolian lamb and chenille knitwear, a counterpoint of plain surfaces and tattoo[1]effect lace that we find energizing. A long leather dress with a strap that coils around the neck, worn with sturdy boots cut like they have soft spats on top, captures the mood of the season, the sense of spiky modernism and the everlasting duality of our world. The tailoring is particularly slouchy and generous in volumes, with belting details adding an industrial touch. Strategically placed buttons and openings allow one to play with tops as well as trousers, revealing glimpses of skin, letting garments peel off the body. We captured the decay of peeling walls into surface treatment on a sheepskin coat. Eel leather, for contrast, is architectural and precise. At THE ATTICO the face-off of the femme fatale and the tomboy is a veritable identity trait, which this season we explored with stern directness: long embroidered dresses as svelte as a tanktop, bomber jackets cut in tailoring fabrics, cargo pants with blown up volumes. Animal stripes bring up a wild touch. An heather gray zip up hoodie worn on top of an embroidered top and mesh skirt epitomizes the season’s contrasts. The palette is a graphic play of black and white with accents of deep red, yellow, purple and silver. Accessories add more facets: decisive boots, sandals with straps coiling around the legs, mules with geometric heels, and then neatly designer handbags and padded soft clutches. We are introducing the hardline, according to THE ATTICO “

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