Models mingled with guests at the designer’s garden party, where her soft and welcoming men’s and women’s wear was a highlight of the Milanese season


 Stella McCartney knows how to throw a garden party. It’s all about the location, of course, but also about the mix of guests, the drinks and the food. For her first presentation in Milan in the last four years, McCartney took over the magnificent and little known garden behind the Palazzo delle Stelline in the Tony Magenta district. It made for the perfect backdrop for both her women’s and men’s collections.

Models mingled with guests, looking like natural participants in the lively party (the pizza in cardboard boxes helped). Spotting each of them made things a little tricky for a reviewer, but also rendered the whole concept behind the brand beautifully clear. “Clothing is part of life,” explained McCartney. And indeed, her soft and welcoming menswear, as well as her soft and engaging womenswear, looked like a part of life.

Stella’s take on the masculine wardrobe is refreshingly distant from the ebb and flow of mainstream trends. With its friendly volumes, nice fabrications and quirky spirit, it hit the spot. No uber formality nor silly sportiness here, just clothes that are nice to wear and look at. Indeed, it was a highlight of the Milanese season.