The expansion of online sales and technology is changing consumer buying habits. The real estate services company Cushman & Wakefield outlines the possible evolution of retail in its report “Outlook 2020”. The shopping experience will be the real test of the retailer of the future. It will have to be increasingly integrated, combining online and offline and enhancing their respective potential. Traditional shops will survive according to their ability to adapt to this mutation, which is already underway, and whose most obvious sign is the growth in the weight of web sales on total sales: in Italy is only 5% of the total , and our country is lagging behind in Europe; only Portugal and Turkey do worse. United Kingdom is already at 22% and some analysts think that the share will continue to grow to 35% of total revenues. According to the report, Europe will be the scene of further store closures and rationalization of sales networks, the sector has already faced structural changes and shopping centers and supermarkets have already radically codified the way consumers shop.