The Neapolitan sartorial culture is the starting point for the Gabriele Pasini collections that will be presented at Pitti


It is a discourse of proportions, where the eye must not find imbalances, the forms must be managed with wisdom.

Gabriele Pasini arrives from the institute of art and uses the same approach of a sculpture to the realization of his collection: a look should be looked at in the proportions of its entirety.

Pasini, however, takes this world and makes it profoundly his own.

A tailored jacket is paired with trousers stolen from Thai fishermen or a tuxedo shirt has a red checked pattern.

It is a world of references in which the colors are central, unexpected but well calibrated.

The imaginary from which it is also that of the gypsy kings, Magyars, tall and thin, elegant and full of colors, very close to the aesthetics of Gabriele Pasini.

The dress does not necessarily have to go with a tie, but is perfect with a shirt left unbuttoned, the collar above the lapels, the pants with maxi check pattern.

Or, a classic pinstripe lights up in a new shade of blue.

At the same time, knitwear takes a new position, becomes a detail, not just an accessory.

A sweater put on the waist, almost like a band, or rolled around the neck.

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Look 1: Jacket with madras pattern in cotton canvas and linen with checked blouse shirt, combined with a check trousers. V-neck sweater with stripes closed at the waist.
Look 2: Blue blazer in wool and mohair with a wide-striped blouse shirt, paired with black and white prince of wales double pince trousers. Tight pullover in mélange blue waist.
Look 3: Pinstripe suit in cool light blue wool, combined with a multi-colored stripes shirt and jacquard silk tie with micro patterns. Tight pullover in multicolor waist.