Millennial and Gen Z ask for three key elements in the fashion of tomorrow: personalization of experiences, engagement, and greater attention to sustainability, according to the research “How to engage the customer of tomorrow”, promoted by Salesforce and conducted by the students of the Mafed (Master in Fashion, Experience & Design Management of SDA Bocconi) in collaboration with the National Chamber of Italian Fashion. The study, carried out through a questionnaire sent to hundreds of Millennials and Gen Z around the world and interviews with managers of companies in the sector, highlighted some trends:

– the store continues to be an essential point of contact and 52% of respondents prefer to shop only in flagships or large stores looking for unique experiences in stores, but 40% of luxury purchases are still influenced by the digital experience.

– The younger generations are looking for customization based on their needs in a brand; 57% of respondents say they are willing to share their personal information for a more personalized experience and 71% of Gen Z want to receive customized emails and communications from different channels.

– 90% of Gen Z consumers believe that companies have a responsibility to deal with environmental issues: Gen Z looks for sustainable products, but is not willing to accept a price increase because it expects the price of a luxury product to be the brand’s attention to sustainability has already been incorporated;

– almost all luxury brands still believe in macro influencers, but the target to which they refer no longer considers them authentic or reliable.

– 67% of respondents said they prefer offline shopping and they are willing to pay extra to have a high level experience in the physical store


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