Parade after fashion show the Hispanic brand proposes a glam – chic style for its ceremonial and grand gala lines, full of trends


Undisputed protagonist of the last Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week, one of the world’s largest bridal fashion platforms, Isabel Sanchis is one of the designers of the moment and on which to bet with certainty.

Also worthy of its collection 2019, which reflects the union of the present and the future by combining artisan techniques such as handmade embroidery and metallic or plastic materials with geometric shapes.

isabel sanchis vestidos

It is a collection with sentiment, each costume has its own history, in it we support a free world in the shape of birds and butterflies, a world without war conflicts represented in some embroideries.
It is a strong collection dedicated to women of the future.

Isabel’s goal is always to enhance femininity by working with the best materials, with a very delicate embroidery and a very accurate model.

Create collections full of fantasy that adapt to every type of woman while maintaining elegance and sophistication.

The meticulous details, harmony and finishes of each garment are examined.

The inspiration for the collections comes from a variety of themes such as painting, design, cinema, nature … but each one is translated into contemporary and elegant clothes with no expiration date.

isabel sanchis vestidos

Isabel Sanchis is Thimble of Gold 2015, the prestigious 2015 PRENAMO award for fashion and business excellence and the Star of Gold award of the Institute for Professional Excellence 2018.

isabel sanchis vestidos