Matthew M. Williams proposes an original show combining American and Parisian influences in his latest collection

A dark look to the future

The current edition of Paris Fashion Week has almost come to an end and we cannot fail to mention the show for the Givenchy fall\winter 2022-23 collection broadcast last night, Sunday 6 March, in live streaming. The prête-a-porter presentation for women and men designed by Matthew M. Williams was a real spectacle, in every sense, starting from the chosen stage, a gigantic two-level venue in La Défense, with a great futuristic impact. According to Williams herself, in fact “It’s about coming to an arena for me” and in addition It’s a language of light that we have built for the show ”. But if the play of light was the dominant element of the scenic scaffolding of the show, the collection was dominated by the dark shades that brought a dark touch to this Paris Fashion Week. Total black outfits, studs, layering, and a voluntary unconventional mix of opposites were the key themes of his entire collection. Williams explained: “I really wanted to create a synthesis of powerful and sophisticated femininity, with an interplay of multiple American and Parisian influences, sports and craftsmanship. Next to her is a contemporary man with an instinct for chic nonchalance. On the catwalk, both are rooted in the sense of reality “. In this original fashion show, among the models who walked the catwalk there was also Bella Hadid who for the occasion was transformed into a real futuristic dark lady. All strictly in total balck: maxi coat down to the feet, hooded sweatshirt, palazzo pants and patent leather bag worn on her shoulder; just a touch of color: pointed toe wedge shoes in purple leather. Here is the dark side of Givenchy. Bella Hadid made up for the occasion by the Maison with a pale face, “invisible” eyebrows and an original piercing in the center of the forehead appeared, deliberately, almost unrecognizable. Black, dark green, and a few touches of bright color on accessories and in the details, the wardrobe of the collection was oriented mainly on a streetwear with layered t-shirts and sweatshirts, wide denim pants, leather suits, maxi coats long up to the floor. Come and discover the Givenchy selection by Michele Franzese Moda.