Extreme aesthetic cleanliness enlivened by embroidery and decorations: Alanui calls it a “clean and soft decoration”, which translates into garments with essential, rigorous, almost classic lines, reminiscent of pool-side photographs from Acapulco to Miami, from Saint Tropez to Capri, taken by the legendary American photographer Slim Aaron at the turn of the 60s and 70s.

The super glam pool mood is expressed in the precious knitwear that reproduces the effects and glare of the sun’s rays playing on the surface of the water, but also in the embroidery and in the sparkle of the lurex of the impalpable warm heart, of the micro tops combined with cycling shorts, but also in knitted pajamas and silk slip dress.

A wave of vibe jungle bursts into the collection thanks to the Icon cardigan series, where zebra livery, jaguars, multicolored parrots and lush vegetation populated by cute monkeys are the result of complex knitting techniques, embroidery and prints. A proposal with a beneficial purpose, because part of the proceeds from the sales of the garments will be donated to organizations involved in the defense of the Amazon forest.

The launch of the first line of pashminas for the next summer 2020: versatile, luxurious accessories, characterized by all the reasons of the ready-to-wear offer. Among the new proposals there are also three straw hats enriched with ultra feminine bows.