THE ATTICO is a luxury brand founded in 2016 by designers Giorgia Tordini and Gilda Ambrosio. THE ATTICO symbolizes a lavish “attic” where vintage glamour meets pop culture and high fashion obsessions. Its freedom of expression stems from the joy of experimenting with colors, materials and patterns with a contemporary approach beyond the novelties of fashion, THE ATTICO is an ever-evolving product, a lifestyle of originality and eclecticism, a line designed for women who celebrate individuality and lead fearless lives. Since its launch THE ATTICO has continued to be well received by style icons, top editors and celebrities with numerous public appearances, red carpets and special projects. “Each collection, for us, is a way to add facets to our woman’s personality. Free and unfettered and heedless of impositions, she loves multiplicity as the only way to deal with the daily act of being herself. A sense of daring is her defining characteristic: an innate affinity for glamour, but also a penchant for the unexpected, the glitz mixed with the hard – sequins and concrete, so to speak. sequins and concrete, so to speak. Being rather daring designers ourselves, this season we gave our woman the imaginary traits of an unforgettable Milanese marquise: Luisa Casati. Fearless and free, Casati was, we like to believe, an archetypal character of THE ATTICO of her time. We were won over by her by her eccentricity and abandon, and we imagined her now, living this moment. In Milan, the place where she was born and where she spent a long part of her life; the place where we live and work. where we live and work. The collection, then, is a mix of languid 1920s sophistication and edgy modernism. modernism, of extreme seduction and laid-backness. THE ATTICO the confrontation between the femme fatale and the tomboy is a real identity trait, which this season we have explored with
explored with renewed candor. The long and short dresses teem with appliqués, metallic sheens, dense embroidery, revealing the body underneath through cuts, slits, knots and transparencies and transparencies. The body is liberated, movements are enhanced by asymmetries, trainings, openings. Sequins sparkle; ostrich feathers quiver on skimpy bras. Knit garments define a fitted silhouette that opens at the bottom or provides a tufted structure. Animal spots provide a wild touch. Tailoring is masculine and generous, with slouchiness reflected in bomber jackets, roomy jeans, and garments. in bomber jackets, roomy jeans, and multi-pocket cargo pants. The palette is nocturnal and black, with flashes of silver, royal blue and oily yellow. Accessories emphasize the counterpoint of elements: metallic and cut-out boots, embroidered pumps, strappy sandals that wrap around the legs. around the legs. This is THE ATTICO seen through the prism of infinite variety.” so say Gilda and Giorgia. Come and discover the most beautiful THE ATTICO novelties on Michele Franzese Moda.