Michele Franzese Moda has prepared a showcase featuring THE ATTICO’s irresistible bags.

BAG: the protagonist

In the vast universe of fashion, few elements can complete and define a woman’s look like a bag. Besides being a practical accessory for carrying personal items, the bag plays a major role in enhancing the charm and elegance of every outfit. The handbag, if chosen carefully, can convey a unique message of style and personality. It is a distinctive element that highlights the taste and awareness of the modern woman who knows how to use accessories to express herself. A well-selected handbag can be a true symbol of status and sophistication. The importance of the handbag also lies in its ability to complete a look, adding that final touch of class and sophistication. An impeccable outfit can be completely transformed with the addition of the right handbag. A designer handbag, made of fine materials and with attention to detail, can instantly elevate the entire ensemble and catch the eye of anyone who crosses its path. Furthermore, the bag also offers a practical function, allowing women to carry everything they need throughout the day. This functional aspect, however, does not have to compromise with style. High-fashion handbags are designed to meet both needs, offering space and organisation without sacrificing aesthetics. Finally, the bag becomes an opportunity to explore new trends and experiment with shapes, colours and textures. In the fashion world, handbags represent fertile ground for innovation and creativity. Luxury fashion houses are dedicated to creating unique and iconic pieces that become true objects of desire.


There is no creation presented by THE ATTICO that fails to immediately capture the attention of others, and it must be admitted that the category of bags is one of the most fascinating parts! Whether it’s their essential design, careful selection of colours or silhouettes, the bags at THE ATTICO are unrivalled. A handbag is never just a handbag: more often than not, it is the centrepiece of a look. As such, it is perfectly natural to oversize it into the main protagonist of the scene, even more so in the case of The Attico, where shapes are interpretations of the brand. Graphic, metallic and sparkling lines, intense colours, textures and beads. Day blends with night and night with day. Come and discover THE ATTICO and its bags, in Michele Franzese Moda’s cathedral of luxury in Piazza dei Martiri in Naples.