Multicolor, pastel or classic marinade. And there are also those who make the cutlet strips


They have always been a symbol linked to the sea, they evoke Picasso with its white and red jersey and the fishermen of the North Sea: the lines are in fashion one of those evergreen graphic signs.
But from the traditional white and blue to the seafaring through those colorful rainbow effect, coming to those that see alternate white and fresh pastel nuances: everywhere the “stripes mania” has broken out.

Whether horizontal, vertical or diagonal, the lines are synonymous with elegance and liveliness and are rapidly conquering celebrities and influencers.
To launch them in the world of clothing was an unsuspected “designer”: Napoleon Bonaparte. The French Emperor, in fact, chose to have French sailors wear a white shirt with twenty-one blue bands, one for each victory he brought back.

Turned into trends by the visionary Coco Chanel, they have crossed the centuries, but this year more than ever the lines are protagonists in the world of fashion, design and food.

A must have at 94 ° Pitti Immagine Uomo, wearing celebrities and influencers such as George Clooney, Chiara Ferragni and Mariano di Vaio. In the food sector, Vitavigor chose the “Super Grissin de Milan” for the new Fashion Sachets of the historic Milanese brand of grissini and the starred chef Matías Perdomo to make the classic, yet timeless, Milanese cutlet more sophisticated and elegant.

The lines have now conquered the window of the trends par excellence, Instagram: there are over 7 million posts with the hashtag #stripes and more than 400 thousand those under #striped.

This is what emerges from a study conducted by Espresso Communication on over 40 international publications dedicated to lifestyle and trends for Vitavigor.

The lines were the 94th edition of Pitti Immagine Uomo, the event dedicated to men’s fashion that chose to welcome its visitors with an installation, POP Pitti Optical Power: a triumph of kaleidoscopic lines and geometric patterns that hypnotize and surprise.

Even among the stands the line is not lacking and, above all, is the Versace collection in which the striped pattern is the common thread that binds the outfits proposed by the fashion house. Go ahead with the lines also on the accessories, which complete the outfits giving character and personality.

“Protagonists in the history of fashion and reinterpreted today in an innovative and creative way, lines have always occupied an important place in the collections signed Bigi representing a must in the men’s wardrobe – explains Paola Bigi, co-owner of Bigi Cravatte Milano – In addition to the classic motifs to the plain-colored models, it is essential that every man in his wardrobe also have striped ties, elegant and easy to combine with dresses or broken pieces “.
Made of silk, linen and an unusual summer wool, the different weaves highlight different combinations of diagonal crossbars with colors suitable for both a formal look and a more trendy look.

Among those who became infectious by the disruptive passion for the lines could not miss the two Italian influencers par excellence: the new mother Chiara Ferragni and Mariano di Vaio. The first was shown on social with a white and pink striped swimsuit, while the Instagram profile of the blogger and Umbrian model is dotted with striped outfits, both casual and very elegant. They are chosen not only by local celebrities, but also by the world, to be worn in everyday life and also for special occasions.

Among the 24 best outfits shown at the recent Royal Wedding selected by Elle UK magazine are the striped dress in shades of fuchsia, green and yellow by Cressida Bonas, formerly of the groom Harry, and that of George Clooney who has focused on a suit signed Armani complete with tie and clutch with white and yellow ocher stripes, matching the dress of his wife Amal.

The lines are worn with heels, but also with studs, as shown by the World Cup in Russia. In the ranking of the best jerseys drawn up by GQ Uk, four of the first six revisit the classic striped football jersey: from the broken ones of Nigeria, the most beloved and already sold out, to those pixellate of Argentina on the third step of the podium, followed by the diagonal red strip of Peru in fourth place and the dotted uniforms of Japan to the sixth.

The phenomenon is not limited to fashion, but also touches the design: the lines burst on the walls to give a refined touch to an environment and characterize the furnishing accessories. An example is the black and white striped carpet that the influencer Chiara Biasi lets us glimpse in a photo posted recently. There are even those who, in order to have them on their own façade, challenge the law.

It is the case, reported by the British The Guardian, of a London woman who decided to have her house painted in red and white stripes, arousing the anger of the neighborhood and attracting an injunction from the Municipality of Kensington and Chelsea that forced her to delete the lines within 28 days. The stripes-maniac has however turned to the judges of the High Court of London which allowed her to keep the white and red lines. In short, God save the stripes!
They arrive in the home decor, on the table between dishes and tablecloths: they allow to create a lively, summer and joyful mise en place that can be used to tickle the appetite of adults and children.
“In the kitchen the lines are very used, they serve as a guide to obtain a geometry that can be replicated in the same way many times – says the starred chef Matías Perdomo – For me they are a source of inspiration and often are the starting point for a new research. In their multiplication or in their overlap they give life to a completely different consistency that surprises the palate “: in his Contraste restaurant in the Navigli area, in Milan, chef Perdomo decided to challenge the tradition by reinterpreting the queen of Milanese cuisine, the cutlet , served in a striped version designed to enhance the natural structure of the veal fillet.
Obviously, art could not escape the stripes mania. In this field, the undisputed father remains the French Daniel Buren, author of “Les Deux Plateaux” at the Palais-Royal in Paris, but there are many painters who decided to play with this geometric motif. An example is the Portuguese artist Carla Sá Fernandes: in his works, hundreds of colored lines fill the canvas in an explosion of fun, vibrant and luminous colors.