Stone Island and Supreme return to collaborate for the S / S 2019

The new collection, which arrives in stores in the coming days, will make fans of both brands happy.

First of all, because there are the new Silk Jackets, as always “built” in order to withstand the weather, taking advantage of the experience of Stone Island in the field of experimentation on fabrics, combined with pants and bucket-hat of the same material.

The fabric of the new Silk Light, in fact, is a special re-edition of the one launched by Stone Island in the Eighties and is made today by applying a glossy, finely knurled polyurethane coating on a nylon base, also polished.

So sweatshirts, Bermuda shorts, cargo pants and multifunctional vests, reminiscent of those, from fishing, that Tillmann Prüfer recently told about the Zeit Magazin, which summarized our fixation for this particular item of clothing: «Whoever wears a fishing vest it is always in the desert, even when it is on the bank of a canal in the center of the city ».