Stone Island Shadow Project 6919 Video Celebrates Ten Years of Collaboration


The 6919 collection marks ten years of Shadow Project. For Fall/Winter 2018, Errolson Hugh and his team have maintained their design ethos of exploration, development, and expression.

Shadow Project has refined their utilitarian experimentation in their current collection using innovative methods of storage space for everyday pieces such as the ’Flank’ and ‘Drop Pockets’, which were developed to easily store and retrieve objects, while extra space in knitwear pieces can be found with the newly engineered ‘Strata’ pocket.

The ‘Encase Panel’ has also been developed as a swift mechanism for unfastening garments. Extensive fabric research has been done throughout the development of this project, culminating in a material called ‘Scarabeo’, a fully iridescent, all-over reflective fabric, seen in glowing detail in the brand’s 6919 campaign video.

Check out the video above to see the complete 10 year commemorative collection and take a look at the Stone Island .