The classic lines and fabrics of the male wardrobe are the starting point of the new Stella McCartney proposals, more than ever in the spotlight after Lvmh announced its entry into the capital with a minority stake.

On the platform a co-ed collection capable of reshaping these inputs into very feminine looks or vice versa, with sustainability as always in the foreground. In fact, 75% of garments and accessories seen this morning are green: a level never achieved before by either the British designer or by other brands.

The coats in total black or mauve, with a slightly military flavor and asymmetrical lacing, are worn open to show high-necked dresses embellished with stripes. In a buttoned-down version, they reveal soft sartorial trousers, at Savile Row.

Cuts, inserts and clever games of chromatic dualism: these are the basic rules of spring-summer 2020 according to Stella McCartney. For the evening the ecofriendly and homme-derived fabrics allow stylistic experimentations concentrated on refined, sculptural, enveloping and strong visual impact shapes, through floral prints and bright colors.

We find the games of material and chromatic contrasts in men’s garments, with prints stolen from the feminine wardrobe, but with a contemporary tailoring twist. Simple sneaker with biodegradable soles.

Stella McCartney‘s woman holds in her hand precious bags with mesh and eco-nappa, must-have accessories, perfect to complete the look and to allow those who choose them to always have everything with them.

On stage, only one model of open sandal, with laces or braided strips. This is the diktat of Stella, which makes the woman wear an iconic shoe from morning to evening, as a perfect summary of every look.

The leitmotiv is an eco & very chic comfort, to show that a world in which there is still much to do for the environment and climate balance can also be changed through fashion.